HR advice? Support for your HR team? Remain compliant with change? Leave it to us.

HR advice & solutions that help you and your business build results.
Whether you are a small business or a corporate organisation, we make sure that your HR processes are structured in the right way, you are getting the right advice when you need it and the right support when you want to make some big changes.
We are at our best when we are helping you and your organisation in the next proactive phase of your people journey, or helping you deal with HR issues the best way possible. Below you can read more about our individual services. Whether you want to plug us into your regular processes, work with us on a project basis, get the support of an experienced consultant, or get a speaker on HR latest thinking, we would love to hear from you.

There are lots of specialists in these areas when you need them and they are the best people to do this.

Plugin HR

Perfect for organisations that need on-call, confidential access to HR professionals.

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Project HR

Mergers, restructures, redundancies, employee benefits and wellness programs.

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Public Speaking

Looking for a speaker on HR best practice, talent and training or leadership. We’d love to help.

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Interim HR Management

We can provide stability for your team, progress projects or review the HR function.

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It’s the perfect “plug and play” HR solution
You need an HR expert, but not all the time?

Get access to these specialist skills as and when you need them.
The Plugin solution is perfect for organisations that need on-call, confidential access to HR professionals. You will find that your dedicated professional becomes a member of your own team, integrated seamlessly. Whether you’re a smaller organisation without a dedicated HR team or a larger company that needs access to specialised knowledge to help you reduce risk and ensure a positive and productive work environment, this model is perfect for you.

Numerous models exist to suit your business needs:

We can provide you with an on-site dedicated resource as frequently as needed. You can access a dedicated HR Professional through a phone/web-based service. You can connect to a highly experienced HR practitioner during extended business hours for real-time information and advice.

It’s the perfect “plug and plays” HR solution

We achieve results… here’s one of the reasons why:

Experience really matters in HR. Years in high profile corporate companies and SME organisations has allowed us to understand how to bring measurable, practical people solutions that help you and your organisation achieve real results.

Let us take charge of your project and deliverables. Do you have an HR project but no time to do it?

We can deliver your project in parallel, while you get on with your day job.
An HR project is a progressive way to help organisations manage change. From mergers and acquisitions to restructures and associated redundancy or transitions, renegotiation of contracts or reappraisal of employee benefits, having us manage your project will bring experience, objectivity and a determination to get the job done. Perfect for HR teams & Directors already on the go.

Managing HR is particularly challenging for small and medium-sized organisations. In the ideal world, you would have your own HR Administrator, HR Manager, &/or functional specialists. Clearly, that is not always feasible nor effective.

Sometimes, you just have a specific piece of work you want to be completed and fast. At Agile People Partners we can turn your concept into a tangible deliverable.

What was “I really need to get around to that” or “we don’t have anyone in-house appropriate to complete that” becomes “fantastic, I can focus on my business whilst that project is delivered in parallel”. We will provide you expert support in all areas of HR project work – you just pay for what you need.

A range of project areas to meet your needs

HR as a business function is becoming more and more project focused and it’s likely everyone in your business already has a day job. Let us take charge of your project and deliverables.

Employee Engagement

Industrial/Employee Relations

Training & Development

HR Information Systems (HRIS)

HR Strategy

Internal Communications

Performance Management

HR Administration

We achieve results… here’s one of the reasons why:

She has 20 years experience in partnering with corporates, small businesses and individuals, here in Australia and across the globe, to solve their people issues and manage their people-related projects. She also partners with existing HR teams to ensure they are focused on the right things and structured in a way to achieve that.

Are you between HR Managers / Directors?

We can provide stability for your team, progress projects or review the HR function.
Are you between HR Managers/Directors? Are you unsure your HR is structured appropriately ready to help leverage the people aspects of your business to achieve your overall strategy? At Agile People Partners we have been the ‘trusted advisor’ to senior executives, delivered business-driven global HR strategies by re-building struggling enterprises, forged high-performance teams and developed skilled, business-oriented HR professionals and business leaders. Whether providing stability to your HR team and continuing project momentum is what you need until your new HR Director arrives or a complete review of the function itself, we can help.

Our experience has included formulating a strategic global mobility program, leadership development programs, organisational re-structures and renewals.

Whether preparing a business for joint venture and subsequent sale, workplace transformation, performance turn-around, elevating employee engagement, re-designing business processes and re-configuring structures, an experienced pair of hands will ensure a smooth run.

We have incorporated new business from acquisitions, introduced outsourcing strategies, and embedded process and workflow automation.

An interim manager enables you to harness the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfil the needs of your organisation at a particular moment in its life.

The key benefit of an interim executive is the experienced, independent view that comes into your world.

Why use an Interim HR Professional?

Typically, an interim director or manager is employed for a number of different reasons:

  • Interim managers may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. Start-ups, new business development, mergers/acquisitions or restructuring within a company are all productive areas for a skilled interim HR professional.

  • Equally an interim solution can give your organisation some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent executive or a period of temporary absence of an existing executive.

  • Thinking of outsourcing your HR service? Then hiring someone who has done it before makes sense, but it’s unlikely you’ll need them forever. Indeed in our opinion, the most effective use of interim management is when it is deployed in a focused and controlled way with outcomes and timescales clearly defined and managed.
  • We achieve results… here’s one of the reasons why:

    Overseeing all projects is Principal Consultant Mel Tunbridge.

    For SME's

    No one ever starts a business with the intention of spending most of their time tied up in the administrative tasks that come with operating one. But the truth is, the more successful your business becomes, the more people you hire, the more staffing demands and HR tasks multiply.
    Taking care of HR tasks like wondering if that new employment law you heard about on the radio affects you, or managing difficult employees, can feel like your full-time job, particularly when you don’t have an HR help. Of course, along with the day to day HR tasks, there’s also a number of strategic HR issues to get your head around if you want your business to thrive. Say what? And this is difficult without HR support to call on.

    If you’re spending more of your time on managing your workforce, rather than growing your business, then it’s time to get some help.

    What if you can’t afford to hire an HR Manager?

    In an ideal world, you’d leave HR and payroll to the experts. But unfortunately, you just can’t afford to or you’re not big enough right now. What do you do then?

    Thanks to businesses such as ours, you can choose to have someone onsite as often as you need to ( once a week ? 2 days a month ? just for your team meetings ? just for your “oh sh*t” moments ) and we’re only ever a phone call away in the meantime to ask a question or get some help.

    We will put an HR platform in place, which we maintain and most of your basic HR tasks are then automated and taken care of via the system. This frees you up to meet customers, and work on things that inspire and motivate you to grow your business – without having to increase your headcount.

    We achieve results… here’s one of the reasons why:

    Our broad range of generalist HR skills and experience involves hands-on practical operational experience with a measurable return on investment.

    Be updated and know where we are up to

    Be updated and know where we are up to