Live Well. Work Well!
Live Well. Work Well!

Corporate wellness,
the new black?

Corporate wellness,
the new black?

Improve the performance and productivity of your people
Increase employee health awareness and literacy
Assess health and wellbeing needs onsite
Increase employee engagement and morale
Reduce absenteeism, Reduce employee fatigue
Reduce staff turnover and therefore reduce recruitment and training costs
Your people are your most important resource and keep your business moving. Making sure they are healthy, positive and proactive could ensure your company’s success.
We believe providing a positive, healthy staff experience offers a range of benefits to your organisation. We have numerous programs available to tailor to your Health and Wellbeing requirements and, more importantly, support a sustainable healthy change in individuals.

Our programs centre around four key pillars to support and improve the health of your employees: physical activity, mental/emotional health, nutrition and general health.

We will work with you to address the specific goals and desired outcomes you have in mind. For example, you may be looking to:

In each case, our qualified health professionals can design a workplace health initiative to meet the needs of your organisation and produce the outcomes you desire.


Each workplace is unique

Our health programs aim to empower your employees, enabling individuals to take ownership of their health through engaging in healthy lifestyle practices. In turn, we achieve positive outcomes for employers by way of improved productivity, safety and morale.
Stage 1: Needs assessment
Stage 2: Program development
Stage 3: Employee connection and launch
Stage 4: Ongoing engagement

Our four stage process for a healthy workplace

We deliver the program onsite to your organisation, measure and report on its effectiveness and make recommendations for further activity.

The final stage naturally leads back to the first so you can continue to build on your health outcomes.

We achieve results…
here’s one of the reasons why:

Overseeing all projects is Principal Consultant Mel Tunbridge.
She has 20 years experience of partnering with corporates, small businesses and individuals, here in Australia and across the globe, to solve their people issues and manage their people related projects. She also partners with existing HR teams to ensure they are focused on the right things and structured in a way to achieve that.

Get access to these specialist skills as and when you need them.