We can provide stability for your team.
We can provide stability for your team.

Are you between HR Managers / Directors?

Are you between HR Managers / Directors?

We can provide stability for your team, progress projects or review the HR function.
Are you between HR Managers/Directors? Are you unsure your HR is structured appropriately ready to help leverage the people aspects of your business to achieve your overall strategy? At Agile People Partners we have been the ‘trusted advisor’ to senior executives, delivered business-driven global HR strategies by re-building struggling enterprises, forged high performance teams and developed skilled, business-oriented HR professionals and business leaders. Whether providing stability to your HR team and continuing project momentum is what you need until your new HR Director arrives or a complete review of the function itself, we can help.


Our experience has included formulating a strategic global mobility program, leadership development programs, organisational re-structures and renewals.

Whether preparing a business for joint venture and subsequent sale, workplace transformation, performance turn-around, elevating employee engagement, re-designing business processes and re-configuring structures, an experienced pair of hands will ensure a smooth run.

We have incorporated new business from acquisitions, introduced outsourcing strategies, and embedded process and workflow automation.

An interim manager enables you to harness the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfill the needs of your organisation at a particular moment in its life.

The key benefit of an interim executive is the experienced, independent view that comes into your world.


Why use an Interim HR Professional?

Typically, an interim director or manager is employed for a number of different reasons:

  • Interim managers may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. Start-ups, new business development, mergers/acquisitions or restructuring within a company are all productive areas for a skilled interim HR professional.

  • Equally an interim solution can give your organisation some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent executive or a period of temporary absence of an existing executive.

  • Thinking of outsourcing your HR service? Then hiring someone who has done it before makes sense, but it’s unlikely you’ll need them forever. Indeed in our opinion the most effective use of interim management is when it is deployed in a focused and controlled way with outcomes and timescales clearly defined and managed.
  • We achieve results… here’s one of the reasons why:

    Overseeing all projects is Principal Consultant Mel Tunbridge.
    She has 20 years' experience of partnering with corporates, small businesses and individuals, here in Australia and across the globe, to solve their people issues and manage their people related projects. She also partners with existing HR teams to ensure they are focused on the right things and structured in a way to achieve that.

    Your people are your most important resource and keep your business moving.