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Agile People Partners, Experienced HR Support

Experience really matters in HR. Years in high profile corporate companies and SME organisations has allowed us to understand how to bring measurable, practical people solutions that help you and your organisation achieve real results.

Based in North Sydney and working nationally and internationally, we help SMEs, corporates and individuals to solve their people issues and manage their people related projects. We can partner with existing HR teams to ensure they are focused on the right things and structured in a way to achieve that.

We offer a part or fully outsourced HR solution if you just want someone else to “make it all go away”. We also partner with individuals looking for some external HR support or advice, specific to their current circumstance. From dealing with redundancy, coaching and mentoring, or orchestrating a specific desired outcome. Sometimes, you just want to know: “Can they really do this to me?”

Experienced fingerprints are all over it

Our Principal Consultant is responsible for overseeing every piece of work produced for each client.

No, there’s no place stacked with stuffy HR people, pumping out mindless policies and quoting employment law barriers in the way of a new idea. We are a small and agile group that allows Mel to be involved with her sleeves well and truly up. We are passionate about the HR stuff, so you can afford not to be.

High quality, tailored, results-driven solutions are our guarantee.

We are proud to offer:

  • A reliable and enthusiastic service.
  • Well rounded operational executives who have experience outside of HR.
  • A real conversation, no “HR speak”.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Super-fast turnarounds.
  • A professional service.

A wide scope of generalist HR consulting skills including:

  • Performance management
  • Managing change
  • HR team transformations
  • Driving restructures
  • Support during mergers and acquisitions
  • Workforce planning
  • Culture evolution
  • Employee engagement
  • Tailored solutions every time, as individual as you are

Our Values Define Us


  • Accountability in all that we do
  • Aligned with partners & deliverables
  • Action orientated
  • Absolute


  • Practical and measurable solutions
  • Purposeful in approach
  • Passionate unapologetically
  • Positivity always


  • Partnerships above interactions

How to get the best out of us

We work with SME’s and big businesses to provide human resources and payroll support and solutions. We can provide internal support or a fully outsourced solution.

We also work with individuals to navigate various employment challenges faced as an objective third party.

Our coaching and mentoring for HR professionals are also incredibly popular.

In order for you to understand how to work with us, here is an outline, a general plan explaining how we would approach your project, whatever it may be.

Step 1: Agreeing on the scope

We will charge a set fee or fee for service for any job, and to do this, we need to be able to agree on a definite scope of work before we start.

What I need from you, is to be completely clear on what your objectives are. What are you trying to solve by engaging us? We can then advise on the best path to achieve your desired outcomes.

It’s also great if you have a budget in mind and that you share that. No point in us recommending a Ferrari if your affordability is closer to second-hand hatchback!
Put simply, we will ask a fair few questions so we can make a proposal as accurate as possible. I prefer to do this face to face where possible.

Step 2: Proposal

Depending on the size of the project we will send you a quotation or proposal outlining the details of the job with comprehensive pricing that is all inclusive. I ensure my costs are displayed in a ‘shopping list’ style, so you can pick and choose elements.

Step 3: Timings

We are often booked up well in advance, so the sooner you can brief us and sign off on my proposal the better! We can, of course, squeeze in jobs here and there. We will do our very best to meet your deadlines. Once we provide you with a delivery date, we will stick to it. Turnaround times will vary depending on the job and we do deliver quickly and thoroughly!

Step 4: Meetings

Generally, I don’t charge for any meeting time.

If you’re someone who likes to go through each stage face to face, please let me know at the outset so I can build this into costs. Meetings will be charged at an hourly rate; travel time and costs will be in addition.

Step 5: Your review and feedback

Remember it’s your project. We will be checking in with you constantly to ensure we are meeting your expectations. Your job is, to be honest and timely with your feedback. The more effort we both put in the better the end product will be.

Step 6: Final payment

When the job is complete we’ll invoice you the final amount.

Step 7: Happy Campers!

At the end of the project, we should both be happy campers. I ask all my clients for testimonials to feature on my website, as there’s nothing like a good recommendation.

Mel Tunbridge

Our Principal Consultant
Energetic Whirlwind

Mel created Agile People Partners, to help businesses like yours.

Over the years, she’s worked as an HR Director, Generalist HR Consultant and various other HR specific roles as she worked her way to where you find her today. She’ve had no choice other than to keep it real with her HR solutions, stick to deadlines, measure the ROI on activity and be innovative with ideas because she believes in best practice.

Mel strives to understand the broader objectives an organisation is facing, understanding that HR is just one cog of many. She gets the job done and she has some fun along the way. Most clients come to her via recommendations. Mel also loves working with individuals looking for some external HR support or advice specific to their current circumstance. That could be dealing with redundancy, coaching and mentoring or orchestrating a specific desired outcome. It’s often as easy as answering
“Can they really do this to me?”

Broad experience prepares you for real life

She's currently a Non-Executive Director. She’s also worked as a general manager, nurse, fitness instructor, hairdresser, sandwich hand and in a cattery!

Why is that relevant?

Because bits and pieces of all the above experiences are relevant to your organisation in some way.

What's with the alpacas?

Yes, she even breeds alpacas - true story!

Looking for a speaker on HR?

A sought-after international conference speaker on a variety of HR and related topics.
Mel Tunbridge is a multi-award winning and thought-provoking senior HR practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of HR roles. She has thrived in some tough environments and loves the challenges associated with getting the best out of people to drive an organisation’s agenda whilst recognising they have more in their lives than work. Experience in the public and private sectors has rounded out Mel’s portfolio to a broad base, dealing with a variety of associated and sometimes competing stakeholders.

Mel is passionate about HR and has a pragmatic, straightforward approach recognising that the HR cog is a small, but vital part of a big wheel within an organisation. She has also held senior roles outside of the HR sphere. A sought-after international conference speaker on a variety of HR and related topics as well as a freelance writer for numerous publications.

Why Work With Us

Human Resources has undergone a realignment over recent years, moving from traditional personnel to shared services and business partner model. HR today is much more likely to play a significant role in designing effective organisational structures, developing business strategy and then ensuring its successful implementation. The challenge is in finding HR professionals with the skill-set to operate successfully in this more demanding and commercial role.


We believe that people are the core of every successful business. The ability to make a difference excites us and is the driving force behind everything we do.
Personalized services


Our Principal Consultant is across all projects and working on many of those. We are nimble enough to be across the span of work underway and in true partnership with our clients.
Thought Leadership


New approaches, new processes, new ideas – we’re always rethinking our approach to bring “best practice HR” to our clients.


By addressing the root causes of people challenges, our solutions drive long-term business success.
Flexibility and Customization


Every solution is completely customised for you and your unique needs and modified as those needs grow and change.
Values based leadership


We understand and practice that people bring their whole self to work and take their work home with them. Valuing the entire person is how to leverage their best and their loyalty.

Spreading The Love

Spreading The Love

Part of the reason for starting this business was to be able to be share & put something real back into the discipline of consulting.

One of the ways we achieve that is to offer 5% off every repeat invoice to a charity of your choice. Your choice, not mine – I’m not telling you where to spend your hard-earned cash. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name & specifics on how to donate & we will do just that.

Want a 5% discount instead? Then you’re probably missing the point.

So help me put the heart back into HR!

Yours in gratitude,

Managing Principal

Testimonial Videos and Comments

John Mcgrath
"Mel was an amazing resource for McGrath. Her calm approach, clear strategic thinking and ability to work with multiple complex stakeholders is invaluable to me personally and to the organisation. I have & will continue to recommend Agile People Partners & their services"
John McGrath Founder and Executive Director McGrath Estate Agents and Shark Tank presenter

  • Geoff Morgan

    Founder, Morgan & Banks and Talent2
  • Nick Collett

    General Manager, Peakbound
  • Wally Akacha

    Managing Director ITS Pipetech
  • Lisa Delahunty

    Company Secretary, Peakbound
  • David Symmons

    HR Business Partner, Peakbound

First-Hand Experience

Nothing quite like hearing from the business people who are already engaging Agile People Partners to get a sense of the benefits they’re enjoying.

Liquid Learning

Mel delivered the opening Keynote at my Strengths Based Leadership Conference and scored one of the highest ratings for her presentation on Values-based Principles. Next, to her expertise in all matters related to Human Resources and Organisational Development, she is a pleasure to work with, as her positive energy and professional enthusiasm are highly contagious. She is an open-minded professional with the ability to change the game while keeping the players on the field.

Manuel Mitternacht - Content Producer and Journalist, Liquid Learning

Key Media

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your contribution to the HR Summit this week. You’re a pleasure to work with, a rock star and a truly inspiring HR professional all in one!

Kate Arnold - Conference & Events Manager, Key Media


Melinda’s positive profile and contribution to the HR community has matured exponentially in the past 10 years. She continually demonstrates high integrity in interactions and has the terrific ability to be both warm and frank. Melinda is someone who takes commitment seriously and wouldn’t take one on without giving her full. She is a pleasure to work and spend time with.

Robyn Katz - Managing Director, Talkpoint

"Thank you for providing us at Mr AV with such amazing support throughout our challenging time as a small business. Mel, your professionalism, invaluable advice, experience and expertise was greatly appreciated as is our ongoing relationship."
Queenie Tran

westmeadMel is a very authentic and inspiring communicator. She has a very unique “energetic” and trusting personality which makes it easy for you to want to work with her. She has a deep understanding of the relevant issues in her field and has the client interest at heart. She is diligent, inquisitive and challenges your thinking to produce better outcomes for the client.

If you are looking for a genuine HR ‘’partner’’ that will help you to resolve your HR problems and make an impact in your organisation or for your personal situation, I would not hesitate to recommend Mel. Mel is a pleasure to do business with. She is driven by the rare mix of professional, ethical and strong personal values. I have no doubt that Agile People Partners will continue to offer valuable advice and HR solutions in the years to come

Eric d’Indy MBA GAICD, CEO - Westmead Medical Research Foundation

peakboundMel from Agile People Partners is a highly capable and reliable HR professional who has helped our business over the last 18 months take our HR function and People strategies to the next level.

We have engaged with Mel under a number of models over the time she worked with us.

Initially, she came onboard as an interim on-site part-time HR Manager whilst we went through a period of rapid business growth. During this time she fostered enduring relationships with the management team as well as the greater operational community. Mel mentored our junior HR professional who is now undertaking tertiary qualifications in HR and seeking to further pursue a career as an HR professional. Mel drove a number of HR projects for our business including our people development and mentoring program, scoping and commencing implementation of an HRIS, streamlining and updating our employee contracts and participating in a number of working groups and committees around Culture, Attrition, EVP and visa/sponsorships.

Shortly after this, we utilised the Agile People Partners HR plug-in service where Mel provided us with an “on-call” HR service. Now we know Mel we will not hesitate to contact her to assist us with HR Projects and people training and to provide us with HR advise as needed along our journey as a growing business.

At Peakbound we recognise the value in having support partners who can be flexible to our business needs coupled with quality output and reliability. Agile People Partners have certainly delivered on all of these counts and we would recommend them to any business.

Lisa Delahunty - Company Secretary, Peakbound
HR advice & solutions.
HR advice & solutions.